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My next colour club will open in December… You can add your email address to the alert system NOW though!

I’m sending off my mini hats for #thebigknit 2014 today. I went for a fruity, citrus theme this year :)

JOIN IN THE GIVEAWAY at you will have to type in the link to your browser.

Busy carding batts for the next event… What are you up too today?

Hand spun in colour Denim on BFL from me at Spun by the very lovely @pantoffels3

Beautiful autumnal spinning in Merino colours Deep Autumn and Brilliant White from and by @sofin

Colourway Fangorn spun by @yarnbowl987

Here’s the reveal for Sara’s Texture Crafts Fibre and Yarn Club latest. The next club will open shortly at

Booth babe @kellyhouse.kelly today… A full sized knitted mermaid! I will mention this in my next podcast #dreaminginfibre at the end of the month xx

I’ll be @kellyhouse.kelly #devon from 10-4 today for the final day of #woollyweekend Come say Hi!

My stall partner today was a full sized knitted fisherman… He didn’t sell one thing all day… I tell ya, there will be no bonus for him! Lol!! Come see this and so much more at #woollyweekend @kellyhouse.kelly #devon

Mini Etsy update so you don’t feel left out over there!

Podcast is up at You can also follow me on YouTube!

Update is live at