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My last handspun yarn is all dry and ready to reskein… Love these moments!

Working with my Fall Leaves colourway on Aran. This will be an autumn jacket. What are you making this weekend?

Mmmm warping for gradient and colour block yarns… This small collection will launch at #bristolwoolfair in a few weeks.

Shop update is live at and The patterns can also be found in Ravelry at

Recording the podcast… Hopefully I can edit it today too!

Exmouth Shawl now available on Ravelry!

Storm on Exmoor is a FREE Pattern on Ravelry! Sara x

Surely Sundays mean a I get to lie in Mum?!

What d’ya mean? I’m not spoilt at all!

Fibre club #5 & Yarn Club #1 final pack revealed! Don’t forget sign ups are open for the next one at

Shop update is up at and

It is all about the blends today! Enjoy and happy crafting xx

Just finished production for the day… I’m feeling a bit lazy now, so it’s an easy knit on the needles and chilling out in my work clothes before Darrin comes home! How are you?

Thank you for my beautiful Pendant Carolina! People… Grab yours at

Teaser image for fibre club #5 & yarn club #1 final pack… Shipping tomorrow! The next club is open at

Been amusing myself by making small things for small people! A fun head start in Xmas ‘14…