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A pile of pretties to reskein :) (at

Sign up for tomorrow’s newsletter to claim your special COUPON CODE! Sara x (at

Patch has been with us for 1 year today ๐ŸŽ‰

Planned my next knit… Can’t wait to cast on this weekend. What is everyone else working on?

Apparently today I’m all about colour… So go away dark grey clouds! Dyeing new yarn colours for @wonderwoolwales (at

Etsy coupon anyone! (at

Finished the first batch of yarn for @wonderwoolwales I’m going to be trialling some new colours over the next few weeks! (at

Designing new colours for @wonderwoolwales as I need to start dyeing tomorrow :) (at



Missoni AW14 (via Dazed Digital)

Missoni ๐Ÿ‘


How to Crochet the Double Crochet Lace Stitch

(via crochetmelovely)


Knit Happens via: govango

(via eknittingneedle)


Somarta A/W 14

I made Darrin lots of yummy food for his birthday and our anniversary yesterday… Of course Patch helped!