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Today has been a very busy Saturday…

I got my new Loom! I went for the Ashford 4 shaft, 24” width… As you can see I am one happy Lady!! I just need to put it together now…

I also made it to the Exmoor Fleece Fair… Well we just made it, as we nearly ran out of petrol (oops!) Fortunately a very kind car dealership in Dulverton stayed open an extra few minutes for us (thank you!)

We were a little late to the fair so stocks had been ravaged, but I did find myself two more BFL fleeces full of curls and great for dyeing. These will be in the shop as soon as I’ve finished them.

D and I did watch the expert spinners having a go at the longest thread challenge… Spindles and flyers spinning furiously! We couldn’t stay to the end, but I think it was possibly a very close call between some very fine spinning.

The fleece fair was the idea and hard work of Lesley Prior, of and it is part of her local initiative for the Love Wool UK project this week. It was a fantastic local show… and a great start to the week of wool promotion locally. Also great way to buy fleeces direct from the farmer.

Turn out was good, so my ear is to the ground hoping there is a future event. I definitely recommend it.

By the time we left it was almost two o’clock and bellies were rumbling! We thought we might make it back home, but succumbed to a cute little inn in Bampton. We definitely recommend the food. I had chilli and garlic infused Rainbow Trout and D tucked into Lamb leg steaks with mint jelly… Mmmm.

On the drive back we came across a really nice little garden come arts and crafts stop, complete with an artist in residence!

We were taken with Wicked Willow’s willow garden…

This is me worried about the black clouds gathering ahead!

What did you get up to today?

Bye for now,
Sara x

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In this episode I’m talking about the Crediton Farmer’s Market, the Crediton Spinning Circle, home and garden!