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SUPERWASH High Twist Sock Yarn 100g
	Semi Solids are in stock!Content: 80% Superwash BFL, 20% Nylon high twist
	Weight: Sock/4ply
	Yardage: 365m/399.1y
	Don’t forget they are not just for socks, but are great for all knit, crochet and even weaving projects too!
	Sara x
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SUPERWASH High Twist Sock Yarn 100g

Semi Solids are in stock!

Content: 80% Superwash BFL, 20% Nylon high twist
Weight: Sock/4ply
Yardage: 365m/399.1y

Don’t forget they are not just for socks, but are great for all knit, crochet and even weaving projects too!

Sara x
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Shop Update 29th June 2012 – from 9:30am- 10am

Welcome to the next shop update!

‘Wow’ you say… not only is she notifying me a day early, but she’s even put a time of upload on it! Yes, well… in light of the last week I’ve tried to give as much advance warning as possible. The reason being that braids in particular have been flying out of the shop leading to many emails and phone calls about what’s in the next update and what may have been missed. So in the interests of making things a little fairer and easier, I’m changing the way I update;

  1. Update days – You can find the dates of these at I use Google calendar for my event diary. So if you have a Google account you can add specific events to your own calendar and set alarms if you wish…
  2. Update times – I will update the shop at 9:30 each update day and do my best to finish by 10am. If I cannot meet this time, I will add a notice to the event page.
  3. Stock – I will also try to update the diary with contents of each update as I get them ready. These will also be added to the news section of my website (links  on home page), which will also be added to social networking sites (facebook, twitter, ravelry, etc…) I will try to have this ready at least 1 day in advance of the update.
  4. Photos – I will try to make sure that instead of teasing you with photos of some of the product in the update, I will include all of them. That way if you miss something you will know what it looked like… and if you want to custom order then you know what to ask for. I will make my lists below match the order of the photos from top left to right and so on.
  5. Etsy – If you shop with me on Etsy too (, then I will also be updating here at the same time. I will try to have the same stock levels and variety, but please note that my website is my main update priority.

I hope this helps?

I have also doubled my production capacity recently, so I am hoping to have more than 1 of each hand dyed item available. This means that there is now more chance to get your hands on something during an update. Remember so things go faster than others, so please try and keep an eye on the update news and events.

Ok… Today is all about the hand dyed… a chance to grab braids and fleece for spinning, or felt making.

Here’s the list;

  • Hand dyed Tops – I have 2 of most braids;
    • BFL Hyacinth
    • BFL Dartmoor
    • BFL Wildflowers (just 1)
    • BFL Nightfall (just 1)
    • FalklandFall Leaves
    • FalklandHarlequinn
    • Merino Autumn (just 1)
    • Merino Anemone (just 1)
    • Merino Pansy (just 1)
  • Hand dyed Fleece – these are easy to draft from in most cases. Where you have a curl and don’t want to make an art yarn, then you can card by hand (you can use a drum carder, but I recommend a quick comb by hand just to loosen the curls).
    • BFL Dartmoor
    • BFL Fall Leaves
    • BFL Nebula
    • Romney Marsh Malachite
    • Romney Marsh Fall Leaves
    • Romney Marsh Nebula
    • Romney Marsh Bluebell Woods
    • Romney Marsh Dartmoor
    • Romney Marsh Nightfall
  • Hand dyed Knops – great for felt making or spinning.
    • Tourmaline
    • Fall Leaves

You can find all of these in the shop at, by selecting the hand dyed category from the shop menu bar. I have added this to the front page for this update.

Sara x

Next Update Due: 6th July! This will include more fleeces (depending on the weather for shearing) and stock (including yarns) left from both June shows (WSD Somerset Guild Fleece day and the Lace Guild Sale day).

Don’t forget to come and see me at my next events!

Shop Update 23rd March 2012

Welcome to the next shop update! Today is all about Hand dyed fibres and Pin Rovings!

I have;

If you want a closer look at some of these, then I mention them on my podcast at

You can find all of these in the Felt and Spinning shop at

Sara x

Next Update Due: 6th April! This will include Hand Dyed Fleeces, Silks and Dye Packs.

I will be adding as many new shades as I can over the next month to my new range of BFL Hand Painted at, but the start is already in stock!

This is colour Ikat.

Hand Dyed Teeswater Fleece!

I have just listed my hand dyed Teeswater in four fab colours!

Find them at Teeswater

Don’t forget that I also have a lovely range of curly fleece like; Leicester LongwoolWensleydale and Gotland too!

  • fionchadd replied to your photo: I want hand dyed mohair wool….
  • Me: I only have Boucle at the moment which is limited stock... I shall finish working on teh pictures today/tomorrow and blog when they are listed ;)

Last one to reskein…

Final touch ups for Duchy Square tomorrow!

I just need to label and price a few more things then the stock is ready… just a bit of paperwork! Phew!!

Sara x

Reskeining yarn for the show at Duchy Square on Friday/Saturday.

Off to grab some lunch… Then attach my spindle and dyed yarns ready for the show in Princetown, this weekend.

Tagging my new yarns… Promise I’m not sneezing on them!

Nice to do this while watch the barefoot contessa on food network… Somehow comforting!

Niddy noddied my spindle yarn… Now I’m feeling full of cold, so feet up in front of the box for a moment or two… Night, night! Sxx

Ok… that’s done, camera charged… typically clouds are looming, so I’m not sure how far I will get, but I will try and photograph some of those dried yarns now. I’d love to get them listed by the end of the week, so I can include them in my newsletter… we shall see!

Catch you later… Sx