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Customer Question: How do I Wet Felt Slippers?

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Customer Question: How do I Wet Felt Slippers?

Felting slippers can be made in a number of ways, using a resist of some sort. Some people use…

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The Vendéen breed comes from Vendee in France originally, although this fleece is from a flock here in Devon. It is thought that the breed has a link to sheep lines from as early as the Spanish Armadas and so implies that there is possibly a hint of Spanish Merino about the breed… certainly the fleece is dense and fine.

In recent centuries the breed has been very much a meat producing animal (it has very lean meat) and has become popular among French farmers and now some British farmers for this very reason. The fleece however is lovely to spin and has a shorter staple of about 5-7cm.

Staple length 5-7cm

Bradford count 50-60, micron 33-23.

You can find this here at

Wish me luck as I join the local branch of the Women’s Institute this evening to demonstrate basic needle felting techniques.

I have been tasked to demo for about an hour covering some baisc tips and tricks.

I have decided to go with a floral theme… this might be better suited to some of the other crafts that members might want to work feltmaking into.

I think I have everything together, just have to put my teaching hat on!

Sara x


I will be in the main hall with a selection of fibre and yarn stash!

If you want to place an order to pick up at the show please pay for these at least 1 week before, so that I have time to prepare it. Thank you.

Sat 27 Jul – Sun 28 Jul 2013
Redborne Community College, Ampthill, Bedford (map)

Sara x

Breed as meat sheep orginating in Yorkshire in the 19th century by crossing Leicester Longwool with Teeswater, the Wensleydale has fast become a popular longwool breed. With it’s darker face and bigger build the sheep produces some wonderful lustrous curls.

Wensleydale fleece is ideal for yarn and felt blending and hand dyeing. It has so many wonderful curls across the length of the fibre that you can create some really stunning crimp and slub effects.

Count: 30-33 micron/Bradford 50-54, Staple: 8-12cm

You can buy this at

In this episode I discuss what’s been happening this month and what’s happening next month on the website. The episode is up and show notes can be found at

You can also find this on YouTube, and iTunes.

Sara x

In this episode I discuss what’s been happening this month and what’s happening next month on the website. The episode is up and show notes can be found at

You can also find this on YouTube, and iTunes.

Sara x

Felt with Love Book Review & Giveaway!



Felt with Love: Felt…

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Felt with Love: Felt hearts, flowers and much more by Madeleine Millington

Publisher:Search Press


Publication:06 February 2013

ISBN 13/EAN:9781844487691



RRP Price:£9.99

Purchase at

Description for Search Press;

Felt With Love is a must-have book for anyone with an appreciation of adorable hand-crafted objects. It is a colourful one-off book, filled with 15 cute, fun and simple projects (plus some variations) made from felted wool. As well as easy to follow instructions and step by step photographs for each project, the book explains various stitching and embellishment techniques. Projects include mini hanging decorations, beautiful brooches, pincushions, various wall hangings, a couple Christmassy pieces, plus much more! The author has provided templates for all the projects so that everything can be replicated with relative ease. The shapes are simply cut out using the templates and applied using easy hand embroidered stitches. Details such as veins in leaves and flowers can then be stitched with French knots or using tiny beads. Madeleine uses hand-dyed wools for the appliqués, which vary in depth and hue giving beautifully unique effects. Old clothes and fabrics picked up in charity shops can be cut up and used, so instructions on dying fabric have also been included in the book. Overall, this book is a great collection of bright, affordable, and easy to sew felt projects embellished with simple stitching, buttons and beads. They are great to do ‘on-the-go’ and once completed you have a beautiful gift for a special person or a timeless treasure for yourself!


GIVEAWAY: Competition opens 7th June 2013 and closes on the 28th June 2013. Please watch the video for details of how to enter.

Thank you for spending your time with me today and I hope you enjoyed this review.

Sara x

This is a sponsored review by Sara’s Texture Crafts*.


Thank you to Search Press for allowing me to review this book.

Reviews are filmed and edited by Sara of Sara’s Texture Crafts. I can be reached at

* Disclaimer – This book was gifted to me for review by Search Press. They offered no monetary compensation for the review or to bias my opinion and none was taken. All of the above text and video review is my own and my opinions should be taken as such.

If you would like me to consider your product or book for review, please contact me for further details, or see the relevant information provided on my blogs at

Customer Questions: How much wool fibre do I need for a simple wet felted bag?

The amount of wool top, or roving you need to buy will depend of several things; size, shrinkage,…

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Here’s the list;

  1. Batts – Red, Orange/Yellow and Purple options have been added.
  2. Hand Dyed Blended Tops – I have some new bases to work with on custom order and will have a few ready to go stock items available too. The bases are; BFL/Trilobal, BFL/Silk, Merino/Bamboo, Merino/Nylon (great for socks, not so great for felt making), Merino/Silk and Merino/Tencel. Colours fresh in stock are BFL/Sparkle Bluebell Woods and Merino/Tencel Malachite.
  3. Knitting Sundries – Stitch Holders to Cable needles and knitting calculators.
  4. New ZealandCorriedale – New Animal Shades in stock.
  5. Other Hand Dyed Tops include – Merino in After the Storm, BFL in Tourmaline and Anenome, Falkland in Dartmoor and After the Strom, Jacob in Bluebell Woods and Rusty Gate and finally Shetland in After the Storm.
  6. Sock Yarn Collection! Yes, it’s finally here and I have two bases to choose from. Other bases will follow later on.

You can find all of these in the shop at www.sarastexturecrafts.comfrom the date above. So mark your diary and come join me.

If you want to see more of the shop update details and see items in the ‘flesh’ so to speak. Check out my next podcast episode at

Sara x

Next Update Due: 7th June 2013.

The next episode is up and show notes can be found at

In this episode I discuss Wonderwwol Wales 2013.

You can also find this on YouTube, and iTunes.

Sara x

Fleece club is a 3 month delivery of fleece from this year’s clip.

The idea is that you will be introduced to varying breeds of sheep throughout the offer. These may be similar to previous years depending on what stock is available to me. These will be in small amounts that are easy to wash and process, giving you something new to play with in your spinning and felt making.

So how does it work and what do you get?

There is one easy payment at the checkout and this pays for the 3 deliveries. Each delivery will contain;

  • 2 x 50g of unwashed fleece, skirted and sorted.
  • Information about the fleece you have received and recommendations for washing, processing and spinning… if they differ from the basic instructions.
  • Plus a little gift.

The first delivery will include basic washing and processing instructions.

Colours will vary too. So for example, if I give you a white Teeswater sample, then you may receive a black Wensleydale sample. This will vary your sampling, so that you can keep track of the fleece as you spin or felt it and also introduce you to the wonderful natural shades available.

Once payment is made customers are obliged to all three shipments. Cancellations prior or during shipments will not result in refunds. This is because I will be purchasing fleeces from Farmers as early as March to cover the fleece club. However please note, this does not restrict a customer’s right to return under my Terms and Conditions of sale. Costs of this will be incurred by the buyer.

Please also note that some countries will not allow unwashed fleece through customs. Please check with your relevant government department before purchase, as I cannot be responcible for custom halts on deliveries and can not refund as a result.



Sara x

(No angora, or mohair, but lots of colour & texture)!

Welcome to Batt Club!

Batt club is a monthly delivery of hand carded batts in exclusive club colourways.

So how does it work and what do you get?

Firstly I open a new listing each month with a new monthly choice colourway. I will create this based on a predetermined theme of my choice.

There are usually two easy options, or dips (unless I am creating limited edition bits and pieces, then you get a discount on teh second batt, instead of an optional detail change);

  • Single dip @ £5.30 – choose either the stripe or haze batt
  • Double Dip @ £10.30 – choose both and save 30p.

Each batt weighs approx 50g.

Shipping is detailed below. This is added to the above prices, so that you have covered the cost of separate shipping if you order more items today.

I gather the purchases together and create your order to ship at a later date. These exclusive colourways will remain exclusive for 2 months before they are open on the site for general purchasing.

Each month I will open spots for the next colourway and you can sign up again, or wait a month.

There is also a Batt spin along on Ravelry at Join in and try someting new today!


Sara x