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I always love Jo and her sister’s work over at Sisters Crafty Creations blog shop… they turn their hands to some lovely sewing craft work! So it’s really wonderful that they choose to use some of my products in their work… a real honour.

This is a picture from Jo’s blog

… where she used some of my PreFelt as a base.

Thanks for sharing Jo… as ever, I am thrilled to see your work!

Sara x

Coming Soon!

Due to many request and a sucessful customer poll I will be opening a 3 month hand dyed tops club at There will be 30 spots (world-wide shipping) and these will be opened to my newsletter mailing list firstly. To be in with a chance please join the list at and watch out for your special update email!

Sara x

Wow, what a week!

A big think you to everyone who kept me busy dyeing last week, despite being a boiler ring down… Orders are out or packed for tomorrow’s post run. I should also thank Makro for having a great customer service and replacing said boiler ring without a quibble. I’ll test the new one on a couple of custom dye orders this coming week, while I photograph stock for this coming Fridays (29th) shop update.

We have a wonderful time at the Devon Lace Teachers Guild Day yesterday. This was an ‘open to all’ sale at Exeter Racecourse. It was great to meet new faces and to say hello to fellow stall holders I’ve met on occasion at other textile shows. It was also wonderful to see all of that stunning lace work!

After the show we rushed home to scrub up for a Wedding reception in the evening… We had great fun and Darrin really restrained himself over the hog roast… I was proud… Bless him!

This afternoon I plan to do nothing more than sit on the sofa, knit and watch podcasts!

Hope you are all having a great weekend too?
Sara x

Wow, what a wonderful day we’ve had… A big thank you to the Somerset Guild for having us show as part of the line up for today’s fleece day. They worked very hard at putting things together and demonstrating everything from wool combs to lace knitting… D enjoyed the cake and tea!

I would have liked to have taken a picture if the stall, but as soon as we came in it was a bit of a blur… I’ve almost lost my voice!

I did grab some fleece though… Always thinking of our shop stock (and fleece club!), so watch the shop for news of new fluff as I get it listed.

I need to work on some more batts and hand dyed fluff for next week’s Lace Guild meet (open to all). Tgat will keep me busy! Having said that if you need anything you saw on the stall that’s not yet on the site drop me a line…

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sarurday? I’m off to put my feet up and ignore the football!

Sara x

That’s right folks… after selling out last night, I have come up with a range of new bases you can have your ‘Yellow Jersey’ dyed in.

You can find the listing at and you can choose from;

  1. BFL
  2. BFL/Sparkle (while stocks last)
  3. Cheviot
  4. Falkland
  5. Merino
  6. Shetland

Sara x

I’ve been spending a bit more time on Ravelry lately, as the group over there has become a bit more active. In the group I love to catch up with what people are making with my fibres and yarn… not just because I love to see it and share it with you (my customers are a pretty talented bunch, bless ‘em!), but also because I hope it inspires your work, or for you to try something new.

I just saw this from a new member (and new spinner) Ammie aka Craftcrazy…

Firstly I dyed some Gotland Fleece.

I called it Fire Opal.

Ammie purchased and then tailspun some of the locks into her wonderful art yarn.

Ammie is hoping to make a cowl for a friend’s xmas gift.

Isn’t this just fab?! This is why I love sharing work… not only do customer’s some up with the most amazing and creative ideas, but it really does make me feel honoured that they chose to shop with me and include some of the fibre and yarn that I love to make.

Thank you Ammie!

Sara x

As I re-wrinse the fleece I am waiting to dye (Gotland, Shetland, Kerry Hill and a BFL cross), I am cutting some more blends for the Devon County Show. After that I think I’ll do a bit of gardening… The potatoes are growing nicely and we have a couple of figs. The aubergine and courgette seemed to have survived the night from the snails… I’m still going to have to keep an eye on them though!

Thank you to everyone who sent me their tips on keeping the snails at bay… I’m going to try the coffee grounds and the sharp stone chips and see how that goes. The larger option… Well I think I deserve to drink that after all this hard work!

Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday.
Sara x

Well the full skeins at least. Now it’s time to start the mini skeins.

Wishing everyone a happy May Day Bank Holiday!

Sara xx

I’ve long admired Melanie’s work over at and was absolutely thrilled to have her join me as a customer… I think I did a little dance around the stockroom, when I saw the first order come through! So as you can imagine I squeed with delight to see these photos tagged to my personal and business facebook page this week…

These little cuties… owl babies have proved very popular at a store called Pippin’s in Edinburgh. I can see why… I just want to eat them up they are so cute!

Melanie used my Gingersnap handdyed Teeswater fleece to create the fluffy, feather texture and I love that each little baby owl has turned out so unique.

Thank you for sharing Mel and keep adding those photos to the facebook page so that more customers can find you.

Sara x

It’s going slower as this is DK weight, but it’s a start.

Suffering brain fuzz from the cold and flu meds this afternoon, so I’m feeling very embarrassed that I may have come across very vague to the last phone customer I had… Sorry lovely lady, I’m just a little off my game today… Hopefully I didn’t come across unhelpful?!

Time for a sit down I think!

It’s going to be a few days work… But the think that will make shopping at Wonderwool all the more rewarding!

Sara x

One of those days yesterday… You know the ones! I spent the morning spinning, working on a batch of mini skeins and I reskeined yarn for the rest of the day. I do ache this morning… But yet it doesn’t look like I got much further! This is making me feel a bit anxious. You know me… Obsessive worrying leads to panic attacks :( and I’m trying to avoid this, so today I’m going to dye a batch of yarn… That will look like a lot more work and hopefully make me feel a bit better about it all.

As an aside I got a new book through the post… I’m going to reward myself this weekend with some time to knit and read a bit. I’ll be working on some swatches for the show, but in a much more relaxed weekend-way.

I think I’m just at that point where I don’t think I’ll get everything done on time… A big push over the next few weeks and I think there will be light. I just need to plough on…

What are you working on today?
Sara x

I need to make a start on this pile!
Sara x