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Holly Rose by Nicole Bentley

I have a feeling this Winter might be all about chunky knits and slouchy hats 😊

(via knitdreams)

You may have read my earlier post about colour trends either on Crafts of Texture, or Learn About Wool. I gave a brief mention to shape, as well as looking at pattern;

For shapes think layering and drape. So delicate cardigans and swing front cardigans, lace shawls and maybe even a lightweight knit dress… Keep it simple and form flattering, keeping the eye trained on detail and colour. Stitches in knitwear… if you don’t want to keep it simple with lightweight stockinette and striping, consider lace.

So I thought I would pick this up today and discuss shape and pattern in a bit more detail.

Pattern and colour are great in bold use, but it’s not for everyone… sometimes we forget when looking at catwalk collections that we have to find a version that suits our purposes… be it something we can wear to work, or be truly form flattering to our personal body shape. So the key really is to consider fashion verses function when planning our wardrobe.

This season has some wonderfully bold use of print and solid colour and this will also be true in fashion knitwear, but some of these will be difficult to wear. So how can we break this up and make it a more manageable look?

Image Source:

Above we can see some of the key use of pattern this season. A great way to reference this look without wearing head to toe pattern is to break it up. Think small areas of detail, such as bands of colour, or pattern at necklines, cuffs and hems… small flashes of Pattern can be more form flattering. This cute knit pattern Free on is a great example. (Pattern and photo by Katy Heister)

In sock weight yarn it will be just the right weight to transition into Spring. It’s a perfect vehicle for a splash of seasonal colour blocking. I recommend a darker base that you can wear with anything and picking a selection of seasonal colours that will work well together. Hold your yarns together and choose your striping effect before you work, move them around in formation to see how colours pop when they are placed next to contrasts for maximum effect. (Pattern by YarnLove, photo Pamyarnlove)

This is another free pattern on Ravelry and a great way to add a pop of a fashion colour to neutrals/monochromes, making a dramatic but easy to wear look this season.


Bold solid colours are for the braver… or are they? Think about clever use of pattern to break up the intensity of those brighter spring colours. Shear or lace areas will help. purchased as part of pattern book by Rowan (Pattern by Kim Hargreaves for photo by City Purl) $4.50 (Pattern and photo by Kitman Figueroa)

Shapes are easier to look at in knitwear as these tend to be all about light, floaty and drape-able layering pieces in the Spring. So consider waterfall wraps with fitted sleeves, shawlettes and boleros for easy cover ups and fashion pattern/colour. These are in my Ravelry queue for this season; (Pattern by Jennifer Smith, photo by Phamtominblue) (Pattern by Bristol Ivy for, photo by Carrie Bostick Hoge)

Oh and of course Ma Belle Amies above!

I hope you have enjoyed my look at SS2013 knitwear and I hope you’ll come back to follow my Spring knit journey. Next time I will be looking at fibre bases for spinning and knitting this Spring.

Sara x


DIY Free Pattern Shipwreck Shawl. Reblogged from someone else earlier, but I always wanted to show the different angles of this amazing scarf with 5000 optional Czech glass seed beads. Designed and modeled by Bethany Kok. Free Pattern with tons of advice from Knitty here ie placing of the beads, dyeing etc… *Not for the faint of heart.

Oh my, this is amazing!

(via holycrapyarnandstuff)

Winter is coming and so I thought I would help you stock up on the items you need for you Winter crafting. So I’m having a Sale on Etsy at

Claim 10% off of every item you buy, by using Coupon code WINTER at the checkout.

Sale ends when stock runs out!

Here’s more info on how to redeem your voucher…

Don’t forget you can also find other etsy marked down items at and you can still use the discount code on these to save even more money!

Happy crafting!

Sara x

I just finished my headband…

From my Limited Edition Merino blend top range.

I just need to press it and wear it. Loving the colour!

I might pick up my jumper project… See how the mood takes me.

Bye for now,
Sara x

I really love this yarn, so ripping back my Travelling Scarf hurt me a bit!

So I decided to cast on the first modular knit idea I have.

I’ll disperse the multiple colour with plain squares to vary the finished look.

Bye for now,
Sara x

Wool and Craft Fair, July 30th 2011

I shall be there with a small selection of fibres, yarns and kits. I will be deomnstrating spindle spinning, so come and check it out!

Dream in Fibre at www.SarasTextureCrafts.comWelcome to the launch of the new website!

So what’s new? Well I’m sure you have noticed a few things already, but I thought
it useful to give you a list for you to explore;

  • Website layout – there are four new shop categories; Felting Making & Spinning Shop, Knitting & Crochet Shop, Sew & Embellish Shop and finally Weaving & Tapestry Shop. I felt it better to reorganise products into craft areas, so to help you with you projects better. You may of course find that a few items appear in more than one category, depending on their end use.
  • Clearer Shopping Cart – My shipping prices are on most pages, as well as its own page this gives you full details of the relevant policy. I have also managed to work better options for overseas customers, so please take some time to read how this may affect your next order.
  • Customer Accounts & Club Membership – Customers, who want to join the Club, can now sign up for an account. Each account is password protected and will include; Order history, Reward point scheme, Newsletter options and Exclusive offers and competitions.
    Details can be found at
  • Compare and Wish lists – A new feature to make shopping and final order decision making a little easier. Non-account holders will be able to compare products, but account holders will be able to save their wish list options for future visits.
  • General product sharing options via email.
  • Product reviews.
  • Manufacturer, or Brand filtering – I am in the process of filtering products by manufacturer, or by source so that you have more of an idea about the products origins, especially if you wish to source locally.
  • Gift Vouchers – available in the shop this is a new product that I hope will help if you aren’t quite sure what to buy that special someone in your life!

This is a new website, so come in and take a look around. It’s been long in the writing and process, but there may still be initial user glitches. If you experience any bugs, glitches, or anything strange, let me know at

This is the same email you can order through if you have problems at the checkout.

Thank you,

Sara x

We stayed in tonight as it’s raining out… So knitting and Hitchcock’s Topaz.

This Zauberwolle yarn is knitting up lovely… Wondering if there will be enough to make something other than just a product swatch for the shop?

Bye for now,
Sara x

Next DVD in and knitting can commence!

Bye for now,
Sara x

The Hitchcock box set is out tonight, so I’m knitting my next project to ‘Frenzy’.

Bye for now,
Sara x

Limited stock at the moment and payment by Paypal only… Please come and spread the word. Sx

Trying to work my way around Ravelry is my first task, with my most simple pattern.

I’m getting there slowly, but surely… now to get some more samples made up to share!

- Bye for now!
Sara xx

Updating teh fibre offer at with lots of new things for you!

Now I need to felt it!

I’m going to do that in the washing machine… This is why it looks slightly odd shaped. In theory the felting should shrink in a certain way to bring it back into proportion… But hey, it’s only a theory!

Bye for now,
Sara x