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New knitting pattern up on Ravelry #festivalhead #sarastexturecrafts #knitting #ravelry

There was a small, spring-like update last night and there is still a bit left this morning! Website is #handdyed #indie #yarn #knitting #crochet #crafts #weaving #sarastexturecrafts #sparkle #sock (at

Oh I love my mail man today! #books #spinning #crochet #knitting

My haul from the Tiverton bead and wool shop where Drops sock yarn is half price this month. #sock #knitting

Last Chance to Grab a Spot for Fibre Club 4!

I only have luxury club spots left in this final week of sales. Please grab your spot before they are gone at


Brixham Hat Pattern now available!

I really wanted to create a hat that would remind me of our time out at Brixham recently. I spoke…

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Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Knitwear Trends: Shapes and Pattern

In our last post we discussed colour, now to see what shapes and patterns Autumn/Winter 2013/14…

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The Last Knit by Anneke

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The Last Knit by Anneke

 Source: annekeAnna You Tube Channel

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'Ends' Bookmark - Free Knitting Pattern for Scraps.

Ever picked up a book and couldn’t find a marker to mark your page? Yeah, me too… all the time in…

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Recommended: Baby Newborn Magic Troll Vest by Eba Design

This is something I made a while ago, but I thought the pattern was worth making a note of,…

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Knitting Pattern: Devon Cloche

© Sara’s Texture Crafts Devon Cloche by Sara’s Texture Crafts Published in  Sara’s Texture…

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knitted blanket by Mona Abdel-Rahman (@Mona Ascha Axmann on Flickr)   Photo by Tom Fiero 

Oh this is beautiful!

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Rainbow Tipi

More awesomeness here: 

So cool

I need one of these!

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This would be great in handspun!

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