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Customer Questions: How much wool fibre do I need for a simple wet felted bag?

The amount of wool top, or roving you need to buy will depend of several things; size, shrinkage,…

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My Summer Fruits Merino blend was purchased back at Craft4Crafters in Janurary, by Wendy aka Somebody-else a fellow Raveler and member of the Raverly Group at I often don’t get to see what customers make with my fibre, so when they do choose to send me pictures I’m really thrilled to see their beautiful work… and this you can see is no exception!

This fine lace yarn is destined to be a lace design sweater… Miss You Nights was designed by Anniken Allis for Artesano Yarns and costs £3 to download on Ravelry.

I’m very eagar to see the results… not only can I not spin that fine, but I am in awe of the idea of the finished garment.

Wendy says that she found the blend was smooth, soft and practically drafted itself… I couldn’t be more thrilled with such high praise. Thank you.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Sara x - blend available as rolling stock.

Welcome to Batt Club!

Batt club is a monthly delivery of hand carded batts in exclusive club colourways.

So how does it work and what do you get? Firstly I open a new listing each month with a new monthly choice colourway. I will create this based on a predetermined theme of my choice.

There are two easy options, or dips;

  • Single dip @ £5.30 – choose either the stripe or haze batt
  • Double Dip @ £10.30 – choose both and save 30p.

Each batt weighs approx 50g.

I gather the purchases together and create your order to ship at a later date. These exclusive colourways will remain exclusive for 2 months before they are open on the site for general purchasing.

Each month I will open spots for the next colourway and you can sign up again.

There is also a Batt spin along on Ravelry at Join in and try someting new today!

Sara x

P.S. Batts are great for spinning, felt making, embellishing and other textile arts.

Merino and Tencel blended Handdyed Top 100g - FALL LEAVES

In stock

was £7.25 (GBP) Now £6.25 (GBP)—blended-merino-and-tencel-tops-for-felt-making-and-spinning.aspx

Merino/Tencel top 70/30 Blend. This blend incorporates the silkiness and sheen of tencel with all the durability and quality associated with Merino. This is a wonderful fibre combination for dyers, spinners and felt makers.

Merino is an ideal quality for Wet, Dry, Nuno Felting, Spinning, Hand spinning, Knitting, Weaving, Dread/Hair fall makers and Jewellery making. Ideal for beginners and those more advanced Merino has a wonderful handle and comes in an array of dyed colours (80+) in my store.

Count: 21 micron/Bradford 64, Staple: 12-15cm

Tencel is a natural fibre derived from wood pulp. Its properties include: soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and as absorbent as cotton. This is an ideal mixing fibre for spinning and it’s high shine is ideal for adding into felt making and even papermaking.

That’s right I will be at from Thursday to Saturday this week. So please pop by to grab your fibre at 2012 prices.

Craft4Crafters Stall 56

Demo: needle felting and decorating felt.

Stock: feltmaking and spinning product and kits.

Cash or cheques payments only. I will be trying out a new card gadget, but please be prepared just in case it doesn’t work!

See you there!

Sara x

A much bigger update today, I have a few new ranges to present too!


Here’s the list;


You can find all of these in the shop at You will see a selection of these on the home page for this update.

Sara x

Next Update Due: 4th of January 2013.

Don’t forget to come and see me at my next events!

It’s been quite active on Ravelry recently and it’s been a lovely way to see what people are making. Hunskeli from Finlandfinshed this stunning shawl!

You can see teh project details here… and find teh knitting pattern here… Needless to say I added the pattern to my queue of projects… what a great way to use handspun!

Just look at that lace work… stunning!

Hunskeli used my Merino 80/20 blend in colourway Dusk. Thank you for sharing!

Sara x

As I re-wrinse the fleece I am waiting to dye (Gotland, Shetland, Kerry Hill and a BFL cross), I am cutting some more blends for the Devon County Show. After that I think I’ll do a bit of gardening… The potatoes are growing nicely and we have a couple of figs. The aubergine and courgette seemed to have survived the night from the snails… I’m still going to have to keep an eye on them though!

Thank you to everyone who sent me their tips on keeping the snails at bay… I’m going to try the coffee grounds and the sharp stone chips and see how that goes. The larger option… Well I think I deserve to drink that after all this hard work!

Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday.
Sara x

Check out these socks…

They are knitted by Annette aka MadameMouton on Ravelry from her handspun yarn… They look so soft and warm!

Annette used my Dusk colourway in Merino/Silk.

I really think I must try knitting socks again…

Thank you for sharing Annette!

Don’t forget, if you have a project using my fibre, or yarn you can post it in the Ravelry Group, or contact me via the website.

Sara x

It was a busy day yesterday. I managed to dye yarn for my Mother’s birthday present (which I owed her from Christmas but was too ill to make). I also dyed lots more Mawata squares, as the batch from my recent shop update sold out (keep watching for the April 6th update!) Then I treated myself to a braid of my Cheviot in colourway Precious Rock (new for the Devon county show), with the view to make a show sample/free project for the website… Which I’ll wear/inherit (love this job!) And finally I wound in a new ball of the Noro I bought from Craft4Crafters (Exeter, January) for a new project. I’m not entirely sure what I want to knit yet, but am thinking about creating a new pattern to share… We’ll see though as I’ve not used this yarn before and it’s discontinued, so I’d have to remake in other yarn before I could publish.

I also had several batts to card for orders yesterday… Fortunately everyone wanted stripes, which are a bit quicker. This meant I could get everything out in today’s post run.

Phew, what a day! I couldn’t have done all of that (and got 2kg of fleece dry) if it wasn’t for the gloriously unseasonal weather… of course as I write this I’m uncertain that today’s overcast sky will dry anything further, but I am reminded that it is still March after all!

Sara x

Sarah has been working hard on her first needle felting picture… isn’t it fab?! I love that Sarah has caprtured the finer details in her first piece. I love the hazing of the clouds over the moon and the shading of the eyes and ears… great stuff!

I had to share it when I saw Sarah’s post on my Facebook page at Sarah doesn’t have a website or a blog yet… but I think she definitley has a new addiction to this craft brewing!

I will definately be featureing this in my next newsletter.

Sara x