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Mollie Makes is a UK-based crafts magazine published by Future Publishing, costing £4.99 (at time of post). So far there have been 16 editions, each providing an evolving craft base extending now to cover crafts like crochet, sewing, knitting, needle felting, scrap booking and so on… Usually editions are published with a free gift attached. This month is a kit to create a luggage tag… The idea of each kit being that you have something quick to make.

Whilst there is usually a theme of focus each month, there are several main categories of content;

1 - Crafts in review. A chance to catch up on the best in crafts that month as selected by the Mollie Makes team. these can include websites, books, brands, products, or shopping venues
2 - Trends. Photographed almost like the pages of a glossy Vogue mag, these pieces focus on trends in colour, or technique, be it ruffle, or lace. Lots of ideas for the purchaser and the crafter!
3 - Free tutorials based on the theme of the month are designed to get you thinking and trying something new. This on its own is a great excuse to keep this magazine on your bookshelf.

There are lots of reasons why you should try this magazine… I totally recommend it! It is well written and great photography… definitely a well-edited publication.

You can find Mollie Makes on-line at, or in your local news agents. It may also be possible to purchase this abroad, but if you can’t find it then you can subscribe on-line easily.

I will post some more reviews at a later date… in the meantime do check out my ‘How to Make Site’ at where I have more wool related reviews available.

Sara x

Just in time for my lunch break and the Postie brings me my new Mollie Makes magazine (issue 14)… Fab!

I already spied a lovely knit pattern for a cowl in this edition… Might have to knit that at some point ;)

They also have a fab mini magazine all about weddings, which is full of pretty handmade ideas.

New books and a new issue of Mollie Makes just arrived!

Tell me… How am I s’posed to get any work done today!

Bye for now,
Sara x