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Sara's Texture Crafts

News about new products, shows and happenings here at HQ. Plus my new Ravelry spin and Knit along!

Sara x

Sarah has been working hard on her first needle felting picture… isn’t it fab?! I love that Sarah has caprtured the finer details in her first piece. I love the hazing of the clouds over the moon and the shading of the eyes and ears… great stuff!

I had to share it when I saw Sarah’s post on my Facebook page at Sarah doesn’t have a website or a blog yet… but I think she definitley has a new addiction to this craft brewing!

I will definately be featureing this in my next newsletter.

Sara x

 at after a rejiggling of my front page and some aditions to the shop.

  • Dyeverse replied to your post: short is good !! it is quality not quantity !! huggles Shani
  • Me: Very true, my friend...Fingers crossed there's something to inspire!

Need to start working on this month’s newsletter… apologies, as it will be short… more of an info pack regarding Christmas closing.

Just sorting out my newsletter for the month at, turns out I might be quiet busy for the next few weeks as a result of posting details of my yard sale! Well, while it’s cold I can warm myself up with fibre!