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New knitting pattern up on Ravelry #festivalhead #sarastexturecrafts #knitting #ravelry

There was a small, spring-like update last night and there is still a bit left this morning! Website is #handdyed #indie #yarn #knitting #crochet #crafts #weaving #sarastexturecrafts #sparkle #sock (at

Getting a little bit further with my Spring knit :) #ravelry #sarastexturecrafts (at

Progress on my Spring #ravelry challenge knit in the #sarastexturecrafts group. Feel free to join in… There will be a prize! (at

Last Chance to Grab a Spot for Fibre Club 4!

I only have luxury club spots left in this final week of sales. Please grab your spot before they are gone at


Knitting on my Malachite Cowl for the Ravelry group’s SAL/KAL. There is still time to join in! #sarastexturecrafts (at

Hand Dyed Wensleydale and Gotland in Store Now!

Brixham Hat Pattern now available!

I really wanted to create a hat that would remind me of our time out at Brixham recently. I spoke…

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40% off of all Raw Fleece at

Urban Poppy Facebook Craft Along Sept 2013.

Ok, so here’s the deal… I thought we should have some fun crafting along together and I should offer a small prize for a winner picked at random!

How to Join In/ How to Win:

-          You must ‘LIKE’ the Sara’s Texture Crafts Facebook Page.

-          You must enter one photograph per finished project (felted, spun, knitted, crocheted, or woven). You can enter a number of projects.

-          Chat as much as you like in the thread under the picture and comment on other people’s projects with encouragement.

-          Feel free to share the craft along link info on your blog, or Facebook/twitter… we’d love as many people to take part as possible.

-          Winners will be drawn randomly from this thread on Sept 30th 2013.

-          Entries are based on points. One point equals one entry. This is how you can accrue points;

o       1 point for completing a project during this craft along.

o       1 extra point if it is fibre/yarn purchased from Sara’s Texture Crafts. If it is tell people what it is so they can buy some.


1st prize - I will be giving away a new colourway derived from the same photograph. It could be a batt, hand dyed top, or yarn… I will see where my creativity takes me! After the craft along has finished the same prize will be available to purchase in the shop at

Come play with me!

Sara x

Enter Here -

'Ends' Bookmark - Free Knitting Pattern for Scraps.

Ever picked up a book and couldn’t find a marker to mark your page? Yeah, me too… all the time in…

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Knitting Pattern: Devon Cloche

© Sara’s Texture Crafts Devon Cloche by Sara’s Texture Crafts Published in  Sara’s Texture…

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Final Tour de Fleece yarn… Not a huge haul of yarn, but a pretty little skein and mini skein combo.

Top - hand dyed Shetland and grey Shetland 144m/48g 4ply (std 2ply technique)

Middle - 32m/2g lace

Bottom - 17m/1-2g lace

The mini skeins are plied Andean to capture how the hand dyed colour might work on its own. Both could be used as a lighter weight edging to a knit project with the main yarn.

So how should I proceed with the Kal part of my Ravelry group SAL/KAL* competition? Well in all honesty, I’m really not sure… I want to make something for Darrin (D). D has supported me through everything I have been through in the last few months and so it seems only right that I treat him. As I’ll be knitting the final project in the evenings… and probably in his presence, I thought I ought to ask what he might like. After ‘cooing’ over the fact that the yarn is for him (he has been eyeing it up on my spindle!), D mentioned he’d love a lighter weight hat as his other hats are quite ‘winter’ heavy. A hat it is then! Just gotta find a pattern, or decide on making one up! What’s your favourite light weight hat?

Finally I thought I’d mention that I will be taking fleece and new fluff product to Fibre East this coming weekend… so if you fancy your very own ‘Roving Bon-bon ball’, or a ‘just shorn’ fleece, check me out!

Sara x

Website: Ashford Agent and fibre artist/supplier.

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*Sal/kal – spin along/knit along.