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In this episode I discuss what’s been happening this month and what’s happening next month on the website. The episode is up and show notes can be found at

You can also find this on YouTube, and iTunes.

Sara x

OK, so I’m nearly there, only a few bits left to make and label (batts mostly). I thought it might be quite nice to go through what I have ready for you.

I’m going to do this as a bullet point list highlighting a few with photos;

  • SALE – Ashford joy, lightly used with a freedom flyer included for £335 (RRP £598!)
  • Merino 64s in 25g lots. You know the deal with this…. One ball for £1.04 and 4 for £3.50, which is my standard show offer.
  • Needle felting kits and equipment from needles to pipe cleaners.
  • Wet felting equipment from Bamboo mats to olive soap.
  • Silk Scarves for Nuno felting.
  • Spinning equipment and sundries from bobbins, lazy kates to threading hooks.
  • Unicorn Power Scour for those raw fleeces you might buy at the show.
  • Texture boxes… lots of them!
  • Hand Dyed Fleece from Gotland and BFL to Wensleydale and Teeswater. Pick ‘n’ Mix 50g offers, which is a standard show offer.
  • Hand Dyed Mawata in new shades. Pick ‘n’ Mix 10g offers, which is a standard show offer.
  • Batts – Limited Edition Bits ‘n’ Pieces and special packs.

  • Hand Dyed Variegated Tops including; Jacob, Falkland, Shetland, South Down, Cheviot, BFL and Merino. Blends include; BFL/Sparkle, Merino/Nylon and Merino/Tencel.
  • Hand Dyed Semi Solid Tops on Shetland and BFL.
  • Merino Rainbow Blends with and without silks.
  • Mini Skiens
  • Textured Threads
  • Hand Spun Yarns
  • My New Collection Yarns on sock bases!
  • SALE – Discontinued yarn colourways and bases, as well as some half price Manos del Uruguay and Schoppel Wolle!


Phew… When you see the dark circles under my eyes you will understand why!

So there is certainly lots and lots to see and buy on my 4x3m stall…. Stand U5 at the back near the dining area. I would love to see you and show you the new stuff and talk through what might be good for your next product.

Sara x

The next episode is up and show notes can be found at

In this episode I discuss; The Craft Hub Needle Jam workshop I taught, Craft4Crafters (with a diary of the show added), shop updates, batt cluband fibre club. I talk about my crafting and a bit about business behind the scenes at HQ.

You can also find this on YouTube, and iTunes.

Sara x

The next episode is up and show notes can be found at

In this episode I discuss; December in Review, January Shows & Workshops, www.SarasTextureCrafts.comSale, 2013 Collections, Book Giveaway, Shelley’s Shawl and New Year Planning.

You can also find this on YouTube, and iTunes.

Sara x

The next episode is up and show notes can be found at

You can also find this on YouTube, and iTunes.

Sara x

This is a monthly podcast by Sara’s Texture Crafts.

Thank you to new and existing viewers, I hope you enjoy the show!

In this episode I discuss my recent shows; the Devon WSD Guild’s Fleece day and Coldharbour’s Wool & Craft Fair. I also mention Glastonbury Wool festival’s August event.

Fibre Club Sign Ups at—fibre-club-3-month-hand-dyed-top-club.aspx

Fleece Club Spin-a-long

Custom Dye orders –—custom-order-hand-dyed-top-100g-you-pick-in-a-choice-of-fibre-bases.aspx

For projects I show spinning completed from the Tour de Fleece and production.

Last shop update picture…


Next shop update picture…

Custom orders welcome at

Fleece also available for spinners and felt Makers at

… and finally a bit of film and photos from my day out in Ilfracombe, Devon.

Until Next time, keep Dreaming in Fibre!


Sara x

Dreaming in Fibre is filmed and edited by Sara of Sara’s Texture Crafts.
Special guest Darrin!

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Show notes can be found at

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So I’m reading my copy a few weekes ago and take special interest in the Devon County Show piece (great coverage)… and guess what?!

There’s little old me!

Big thank you to Alan Quick who took the photos and wrote the piece.

Sara x

Due to continued illness I have had to cancel a few of the November shows. The only event Sara’s Texture Crafts will now be showing at is Knit -Expo, which is in Exeter on the 13th of November.

I may not personally be there, but the I will be represented by Darrin, who has very kindly agreed to help me out if I am not well enough to attend. So orders due for pick up are still possible.

Please check the website before you attend, just in case I have had to make further changes.

Sorry folks, I shall hopefully be back out on the road as soon as possible. Until then, the website is open as usual!

Sara x

Ok Batt box… I need you to fill yourself by the end of the day! This lady has shows to prep for!!

Crediton Farmer’s Market

Town Sqaure, first Saturday’s of each month.

June 4th - 10-1pm

July 2nd - 10-1pm

August 6th - 10-1pm

September 3rd - 10-1pm

October 1st - 10-1pm

November 5th - 10-1pm

December 3rd - 10-1pm

Stock will be limited to a selection of my range, so if there is something in particular you wish to see or buy, please contact me ahead of time so that I can arrange them for you. It is also possible to pick up orders during these events, but please order these by email no later than 3 days in advance to give me chance to cut them.

* These are cash only events.

Sara x

Slowly getting there with prep for the shows… Carded batts today and wrapped handdyed rovings. Now exploring the idea of some creative carding packs for you to try.

Might have a cuppa first!

New yarns coming off the wheel this afternoon.