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Winter is coming and so I thought I would help you stock up on the items you need for you Winter crafting. So I’m having a Sale on Etsy at

Claim 10% off of every item you buy, by using Coupon code WINTER at the checkout.

Sale ends when stock runs out!

Here’s more info on how to redeem your voucher…

Don’t forget you can also find other etsy marked down items at and you can still use the discount code on these to save even more money!

Happy crafting!

Sara x

Wool and Craft Fair, July 30th 2011

I shall be there with a small selection of fibres, yarns and kits. I will be deomnstrating spindle spinning, so come and check it out!

I’m very proud to announce the arrival of some new fleece breeds at … Zwartbles and Massam (which has previously just been in top, or batt form).

zwartblesZwartbles can be found here at—zwartbles-fleece.aspx and as you can see without prep just begs to be spun!

If you did choose to prep this you would discard some of the coarser hairs for spinning, but don’t remove too much texture as it would be a shame to loose the colour changes.

I think this would also be very good for feltmaking too and if there’s any left I intend to make some batts for blended texture.

As it’s not a lanolin rich fleece, it won’t take much washing so great to try out if you have never washed a fleece before.

Let me know what you think if you try some.

massam fleeceThis beautifully lustrous Massam fleece is an award winning fleece I found at a sheep show. Having tracked down the Farmer i realise now that she keeps sheep mostly for fleece production, so I really hope you will like the first of many fleeces from this source.

I shall visit the farm soon, so hope to add a few new breed fleeces to the shop!

You can find the Massam at—massam-fleece.aspx

Dream in Fibre at www.SarasTextureCrafts.comWelcome to the launch of the new website!

So what’s new? Well I’m sure you have noticed a few things already, but I thought
it useful to give you a list for you to explore;

  • Website layout – there are four new shop categories; Felting Making & Spinning Shop, Knitting & Crochet Shop, Sew & Embellish Shop and finally Weaving & Tapestry Shop. I felt it better to reorganise products into craft areas, so to help you with you projects better. You may of course find that a few items appear in more than one category, depending on their end use.
  • Clearer Shopping Cart – My shipping prices are on most pages, as well as its own page this gives you full details of the relevant policy. I have also managed to work better options for overseas customers, so please take some time to read how this may affect your next order.
  • Customer Accounts & Club Membership – Customers, who want to join the Club, can now sign up for an account. Each account is password protected and will include; Order history, Reward point scheme, Newsletter options and Exclusive offers and competitions.
    Details can be found at
  • Compare and Wish lists – A new feature to make shopping and final order decision making a little easier. Non-account holders will be able to compare products, but account holders will be able to save their wish list options for future visits.
  • General product sharing options via email.
  • Product reviews.
  • Manufacturer, or Brand filtering – I am in the process of filtering products by manufacturer, or by source so that you have more of an idea about the products origins, especially if you wish to source locally.
  • Gift Vouchers – available in the shop this is a new product that I hope will help if you aren’t quite sure what to buy that special someone in your life!

This is a new website, so come in and take a look around. It’s been long in the writing and process, but there may still be initial user glitches. If you experience any bugs, glitches, or anything strange, let me know at

This is the same email you can order through if you have problems at the checkout.

Thank you,

Sara x

Here is the next part of my spindle spinning video tutorials. This one dicusses joining fibres during spinning to extend your yarn. Written by Sara of

Romney is a lovely fibre to work with in felt making or spinning, so I have been hard at work finding a local Farmer to bring us the best of qualities. I’m very pleased to say that I have found that special farmer and have taken delivery of my freshly sheared Romney Marsh (Kent Romney) fleeces!

Please do take a look at them under my Kent Romney fibre shop page.

Hand Dyed Teeswater Fleece!

I have just listed my hand dyed Teeswater in four fab colours!

Find them at Teeswater

Don’t forget that I also have a lovely range of curly fleece like; Leicester LongwoolWensleydale and Gotland too!

Creative carding packs are geared towards those with a drum carder, who wish to start spinning, or felting with ‘art batts’.

Find them here.

30g is just enough to make one well blended, wool-based batt. Each pack has a list of ingregients, just in case you need more from my Fibre shop.

If you have colours in mind then please type these into the options box below and I will try to match these as best as possible from my stock.

I will be making a tutorial for carding at some point so do keep an eye on the Learning Centre.

Find my current range of Art Batts for sale here.

Find Drum Carders for sale here.

Merino 64s Tops/Rovings felt/spinning 100g (3.53oz) - DARK OLIVE 

Merino 64s Tops/Rovings fe…


£5.03 GBP

Curator Coramantic

For the space between spring and summer, when it looks warm but its still a bit chilly. All from the British Sellers on Etsy team.


Limited stock at the moment and payment by Paypal only… Please come and spread the word. Sx

Updating teh fibre offer at with lots of new things for you!