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The bestest day out in the world Mummy! #spring #dogs

A few weeks ago D and I went to visit the Zwartbles farm I use… by the time we got there the sheep had made their way across the fields away from the farmhouse, so instead of tracking them down (in the rain) we sat had tea with the Farmer and his wife.

While we were chatting we were given some newly taken photos of recent lambs with their mothers. Aren’t they just beautiful!

This little fella is a good size and muscle build for his young age. In fact all signs are that he’ll make a very good ram.

Have you ever spun with Zwartbles?

A dutch breed, Zwartbles is fast becoming a popular breed with UK farmers. It is an easy lambing breed, which procudes good meat yield. The fleece in the past has mostly been sent for carpets, because of the dryer and more coarse ends. However, if prepared well is handspins beautifully.

The fleece staple has a medium to fine crimp and colours from black to chocolate sun-kissed tips. It is not a lanolin rich fleece, so takes little washing and does have some lustre. In feel it is closest to the Norwegian and Jacob tops I sell and would felt or spin up with a wonderful texture.

Count: 28-30 micron/Bradford 54-56, Staple: 4-5 inches (10-12.5 cm)

Find fleece available for sale here…

Try some today!

Sara x