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A much bigger update today, I have a few new ranges to present too!


Here’s the list;


You can find all of these in the shop at You will see a selection of these on the home page for this update.

Sara x

Next Update Due: 4th of January 2013.

Don’t forget to come and see me at my next events!

I’ve long admired Melanie’s work over at and was absolutely thrilled to have her join me as a customer… I think I did a little dance around the stockroom, when I saw the first order come through! So as you can imagine I squeed with delight to see these photos tagged to my personal and business facebook page this week…

These little cuties… owl babies have proved very popular at a store called Pippin’s in Edinburgh. I can see why… I just want to eat them up they are so cute!

Melanie used my Gingersnap handdyed Teeswater fleece to create the fluffy, feather texture and I love that each little baby owl has turned out so unique.

Thank you for sharing Mel and keep adding those photos to the facebook page so that more customers can find you.

Sara x

Welcome to the next shop update!

Today is all about Hand dyed silk fibres, fleece, Prefelt and gradient batts! Oh, and a new product for those who wish to process their own fleeces… Unicorn Power scour and gift sets;


Unicorn Power Scour is a unique formula designed to deeply clean oily/waxy fibres (like wool and mohair) as well as less waxy fibres (alpaca, cashmere and the finest angora) while protecting the vital fibre cuticle. Power Scour enables the strength and natural beauty of the fibre to carry through to garments, rugs, or into the hands of talented craftsmen. Power Scour optimises the cleaning of raw, greasy fleece, and gets the grease out:

* reduces mats and tangles, increasing fibre yield
* eliminates build-up of cleaning agents
* non-yellowing
* cleans at low, energy-saving temperatures
* leaves fibre with a clean, fresh aroma

16oz (473ml) bottle with wash up to 20lbs (9kg) of fibre, which is a couple of good size fleeces. I use this for processing many of my fleeces and have had very good results.—unicorn-power-scour-16-oz-473ml-fleece-wash.aspx

There is a smaller gift set at—unicorn-power-scour-and-fibre-rinse-gift-set.aspx

I also have;

If you want a closer look at some of these, then I will be mentioning them on my last podcast at

You can find all of these in the Felt and Spinning shop at

Sara x

Next Update Due: 25th May! This will include what is left from the Devon County Show… hand dyed tops and yarns mostly.

Hand Dyed Teeswater Fleece!

I have just listed my hand dyed Teeswater in four fab colours!

Find them at Teeswater

Don’t forget that I also have a lovely range of curly fleece like; Leicester LongwoolWensleydale and Gotland too!

Wonderwool 2011 Prep: Handdyed Teeswater Fleece

Here’s a teaser of my new Sea Green Teeswater fleece. It’s all dyed and drying, hopefully in time for the show next week. I’m prepping a few other colourways, so do watch out for these at the show and on-line sometime afterwards.

Sara x

Fibre and Yarn for Wonderwool drying in the sun

Thankfully the sun is out again today, as I’m just drying the final amounts for this week.

Hoping my yarns are dry now…