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Thank you to everyone who came to say hi at the #wsd Devon fleece day. Super hot but fun had by all! I will blog and podcast about it more. @journelwsd (at

Saturday 16th March 2013.

After having packed the car Darrin and I set off for Somerset… the weather was beautiful and the old girl (the car) did us proud. Fortunately with very little traffic we made it to the venue in good time, arriving about 25-30 minutes early. This often means sitting around while we wait for someone to open up, but it helps control any nerves I have as I know I’m on-time and ready to roll out the stall. So I try to always aim to be extra early and it was good to get that right on the day.

As members arrived it’s always good to have those ‘hellos’ and quick chats as you start to unload. I think that helps rapport and again those dreaded nerves. The guild was particularly helpful in fetching us some tables and making sure we were plied with tea. Darrin and I set up as quickly as possible. A modest 3 tables is always much quicker than a large show, so we made good time and I had a chat with a few other members.

Now at this point you’d be forgiven to think I had enough time to take a quick picture of the stall set up… Well that was the plan, but when I turned around, Darrin was already selling like crazy and we had half a stall left! I ran back to help… 

Here’s the stall half way through the day and a view of people spinning.

What’s great about selling fluff before you do the organised talk at events like this, is that you get to watch people play with their purchases and talk through project ideas and plans. Here are some action shots…

Anita spinning away on colour Dartmoor.. I love the way this is coming out. It is nice to see the colour progression. (Wheel - Kromski Sonata).

Ann is using colour Dartmoor that she purchased a while before Saturday. She has carded hers into 3 times blended batts. Up close you could still distinguish the colour variation, yet a bit further away it had a much more lavender feel. Same colour, but something totally different! (Wheel - Kromski Sonata too I think).

Marilyn is spinning Merino Tencel in colour Malachite. I think this is destined as a two ply, much alike my cowl. It’s lovely to see so many different wheels too. (Wheel - Ashford Traveller I think).

One lady had the tiniest of Turkish spindles she had purchased from America (sorry I forgot who this was)… me thinks I must have one!

Willow also used a Turkish spindle and was working on my challenge that my Ryeland Tops really would spin as lace… and it did!

Around 1:30pm I was introduced to speak. Now I hadn’t over planned my speech, afterall it was titled ‘Sara’s Texture Crafts - How I got started’… I could manage that. So I didn’t have to worry about pointer cards, which suited my style much better. Darrin said I talked for about 45 minutes and that this included the Q&A at the end. I think that was sufficient as I didn’t want to bore people, instead I wanted to engage. They gave me a big round of applause at the end, which took me by surprise and I must have gone bright red! I enjoyed it… the most dificult point is starting your talk… once I get going I find it a little easier. I think that podcasting has helped.

I hope everyone got to learn about me and how I started out, or at least some insight to the process. I really enjoyed the conversations and have been invited back to the Guild’s Fleece day in June. I have already started planning my list of new stock to take.

A big, big thank you to everyone at the Somerset WSD Guild… you were wonderfully welcoming and such good fun to spend the day with.

Thank you so much for having me,

Sara x

Next event - Wonderwool Wales.

I was asked to pass this information along… sounds like a great class!

Three Day Workshop on Weave Structure

with Janet Phillips

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th February 2013

(Monday 25th February may be available as an optional third day)

At Coldharbour Mill, Uffculme, EX15 3EE

10am-4pm on each of the days   


During this workshop study a chosen weave structure with well-known and respected weaver, Janet Phillips, author of ‘Designing Woven Fabrics’.


£70 for Devon Guild members

£100 for non-Devon Guild members

For details and to book a place on this workshop, contact Kathryn Saunby (Programme Secretary) email:

Tel:  01837 851263   See also our website

Wow, what a wonderful day we’ve had… A big thank you to the Somerset Guild for having us show as part of the line up for today’s fleece day. They worked very hard at putting things together and demonstrating everything from wool combs to lace knitting… D enjoyed the cake and tea!

I would have liked to have taken a picture if the stall, but as soon as we came in it was a bit of a blur… I’ve almost lost my voice!

I did grab some fleece though… Always thinking of our shop stock (and fleece club!), so watch the shop for news of new fluff as I get it listed.

I need to work on some more batts and hand dyed fluff for next week’s Lace Guild meet (open to all). Tgat will keep me busy! Having said that if you need anything you saw on the stall that’s not yet on the site drop me a line…

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sarurday? I’m off to put my feet up and ignore the football!

Sara x

Don’t forget to come and find me tomorrow! I will be taking a small selection of hand dyed fibre, fleece and yarn.

Open to all… 10:30 - 3pm

Hatch Beauchamp Village Hall, Village Road, Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset .

See you there!

Sara x

Somerset Fleece Fair

I will be taking a small selection of hand dyed fibre, fleece and yarn.

If you need to pick up an order, please let me know 3 days in advance with
full payment. This will ensure I have enough time to process. 

Sat 16 Jun 10:30 – 15:00
Hatch Beauchamp Village Hall, Village Road, Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset.

While this is a guild meeting I do believe it is open to non-members…. So come along, meet the guild and fill your bags with goodies!

Sara x

I’m finally finished with stock for the Devon County Show next week, I just have a few last minute packing items to get together for display… Phew!

So while I wait for set-up day I thought I ought to make a start on products for the next show… The Somerset Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers’ Fleece Day. I’m starting by carding batts and dyeing fleece, while keeping an eye on the weather to see if I can put something on the line!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Sara x